VizIR MPEG-7 Similarity Measurement Submission Site: Submission

Use this site to upload MPEG-7 XML descriptions of visual media collections. Your data is applied to a number of distance measures in order to identify the most suitable similarity measure. Click here for an example. Follow this link for more detailed information on this project.

Collection name
Submitter name, affiliation and address
Contact eMail address
Link to media data*

*) Please note that by submitting a hyperlink here you affirm being the owner of the referenced content and that the referenced media collection does not contain illegal content of any kind.

MPEG-7 XML data for Color Layout descriptor*

*) Please take care to submit MPEG-7 schema conformal XML documents! We strongly recommend using the MPEG-7 eXperimentation model for description extraction.

MPEG-7 XML data for Color Structure descriptor
MPEG-7 XML data for Dominant Color descriptor
MPEG-7 XML data for Edge Histogram descriptor
MPEG-7 XML data for Homogeneous Texture descriptor
MPEG-7 XML data for Region-based Shape descriptor
MPEG-7 XML data for Scalable Color descriptor
Ground truth information*

*) Provide one integer number per line (corresponding to one media object): group, 1...group1, 2...group2, etc. Please take care to preserve the order of media objects in the XML descriptions and omit special characters.

Submission may take several minutes. Please be patient!